If I had $1 for every person that has asked me that, I would be a millionaire for sure! Those of you who know me, and appreciate my sense of humour, will not be surprised that my answer to that question is always “ I do it for the glamour”.

Humour aside, my path into becoming a Colon Hydrotherapist was a personal one, born out of the darker side to me healing myself of mould toxicity and lyme disease.

Way back in 2009 I became quite ill & was eventually diagnosed with mould toxicity and lyme disease. I had been exposed to toxic black mould resulting from water damage inside a property I was living in. Over the next few years with the help of a holistic Dr who has immense knowledge in that area, I began a treatment protocol to cleanse my body of the mycotoxins that mould and lyme produce. I used a binder 4 times per day which I drank & would essentially pull out the toxins and “bind” them in my gut. I did coffee enemas 4 times per day to clear my colon and give the binders a helping hand. My Dr suggested I look into colon hydrotherapy, as it appeared that I was not an easy detoxer, and colonics would be a great addition to my daily coffee enemas, as they had the ability to reach much further round the colon than an enema. My illness was severe and lengthy, I had to leave my home and all its contents behind, as many mould affected people do, I lost my job and my long term relationship. I had little or no support and I had to take responsibility for my own health and work with my Dr for several years to regain my health and start again.

Looking back on my health recovery I credit colon hydrotherapy to being the catalyst in my recovery, so much so I decided to study and become a colon hydrotherapist. My belief is that colonics allowed my system to come back into balance. Once I had cleaned up my gut, I felt I was absorbing my supplements and nutrients better and my health improved.

I have been very fortunate to have trained on both the open and the closed systems in Australia and America. I am internationally certified by I-ACT (international association for colon hydrotherapy) and am a certified Ambassador for I-ACT here in Australia. 

My love of colonics has taken me all around the world, and it was always my dream to open my own clinic on the Sunshine coast. After great consideration, I chose the Angel of Water as my preferred system and spent time out in Austin Texas in 2019 with the designer and manufacturer Mr Rocco Bruno, and I was fortunate to be trained by him personally.

Colonics are my passion, I am happy to speak about them all day, and there is nothing that I haven’t seen or heard before. I believe the Angel of Water is the most modern and most comfortable device on the market.

For those of you healing from mould or lyme, know that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and consider colonics as an addition to your healing protocol, it may just be the best decision you ever make!

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