What would you say if I told you that you had 3 brains?

Not convinced? Read on….

We’ve all heard a lot about the gut brain connection, people are understanding the connection between the brain and the gut and its gained traction in the media. I recently attended the International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy convention in Florida, where Colon Hydrotherapists from all over the world were presented with the latest research on the gut, brain, heart connection, which takes the gut brain connection just that little but further.

Think back to a time when you have asked a trusted advisor for help with making a big decision, how many times have you heard:

“Listen to your heart”

“Follow your gut”

“Use your head”

These are all solid options and great advice, but when you think of it, they relate to 3 different areas of your body, that control our intuition.

Intuition is still a sticking point for many business leaders today because they believe it to be a spiritual thing and consider it more than just a little bit woo woo! They would much rather you relied on data & figures as the determining factor in your decision making.

Over the last few years neuroscience has shown we have 3 brains:

  • Cephalic brain (head)
  • Cardiac brain (heart)
  • Enteric brain (gut)

Some indigenous cultures have  believed for many years that we have 3 brains. The biggest and most important being the gut, the second biggest being the heart & your emotions and the smallest being the logical brain. They believe western people make life much more confusing because they live too much in the logical (head) brain.

They believe everything begins in the gut, with that “gut feeling”, then its filtered by the heart & emotions (Cardiac brain) and then gets filtered by a far lesser amount by the logical brain (Cephalic Brain). They believe that the more that you live in your logical (head) brain, the more problems you will have.

Have we perhaps been programmed so much to listen to our head brain that we have forgotten to listen to our instincts in our gut brain?  Or could it be that with so many people suffering with congestion in the colon that the signal is no longer as loud & clear as it could or should be?

Having regular colonics is an awesome way to hydrate and eliminate congestion from the colon. Some clients can become quite emotional during their colon hydrotherapy session and have both a physical and emotional release. Clients who choose to use the open colon hydrotherapy system such as the Angel of Water that we use in our clinic, report becoming far more in tune with their bodies and emotions after being introduced to colonics and our state of the art system.

When making a big decision using the following 3 questions can help engage each brain:

  1. What does my heart truly want?
  2. What path would my gut have me follow?
  3. What can I imagine for my future in my mind’s eye?

So, the big question is, when we have a big decision to make should we be:

  1. Using our logical brain
  2. Listening to our hearts
  3. Following our guts

Answer: all three!!

Contact us to find out how colonics can help you become super in tune with your body and emotions.

Can’t decide whether to contact us or not…. What is your gut telling you??

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