Probiotics & Prebiotics are words that we hear and see a lot of these days. 

Is it just a typo you are seeing and are these one and the same?

Definitely not!

These two powerhouses both play very vital, but quite different roles in keeping our gut happy & healthy, and essentially assisting our bodies to function at their best!


Put simply, Probiotics are live “beneficial” bacteria, also known as microorganisms. They make their home in our gut which contains a whole little ecosystem that work hard to maintain our health.

Gut flora or microbiome are often terms you will see or hear used to describe this super important ecosystem.

Poor diet, antibiotics & illness are among some of the many reasons that the gut can become imbalanced, meaning there are higher numbers of “non beneficial” bacteria compared to “beneficial” bacteria. 

Taking probiotics gives us the ability to introduce beneficial bacteria into the gut to help restore the balance.

Taking a good quality probiotic is an amazingly simple and effective way to improve your health and wellbeing. Probiotics can also be found in some fermented foods such as Kimchi and Sauerkraut, so introducing those into your diet can be beneficial also.


Prebiotics have the especially important job of providing the nourishment that the beneficial bacteria need to be able to do their job to their absolute best ability!

Prebiotics can be found in some foods such as onions, garlic & asparagus or can be taken by way of a good quality supplement.

Colon hydrotherapy, along with the use of probiotics & prebiotics is an excellent way to re balance the gut if it is imbalanced. It is said that most of us, due to today’s lifestyle and environmental factors, are around 20% beneficial bacteria and 80% non-beneficial bacteria … at best! Wow!

One of the questions I get asked frequently is “But …if I have a colonic, won’t it flush out all my gut bacteria?”

The answer is, yes it will cleanse out bacteria from the gut during your session, but given that most of us are around that 20% 80% ratio….. Its an awesome reason to have a colonic! 

After your colon hydrotherapy session, once your colon is cleansed you are given a probiotic drink before you even leave the clinic. That way, billions of beneficial bacteria are introduced immediately into your gut when it is beautifully hydrated and straight away, they begin to work towards tipping the balance in the beneficial bacteria’s favour. 

Follow up your colon hydrotherapy sessions by taking daily probiotics and prebiotics and consider introducing fermented foods and more plant-based foods into your diet, is the quickest and most effective way to rebalance the gut.

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