One of the things I get asked often in my line of work is “how often should you be going to the toilet?”. 

Well,…. there’s a long and a short answer to that question .. and guess what? I’m going to give you the long answer!

First things first… just because you go to the bathroom everyday and have a bowel movement (BM), does not mean that you are not constipated…. Whaaaat??? I hear you say!

Ideally first thing in the morning, shortly after wakening, we should have what would be considered a full (BM). By this, I mean the BM should be of substantial quantity to fill the bottom part of your toilet. I will cover the quality & consistency of BMs in a future blog… phew!!   (bet you can’t wait!)

Moving along…. 

After your morning BM, as you continue with your day, you will most likely have breakfast. The first stage of digestion actually begins before you even eat, so as you anticipate your brekky delight, your mouth will start to water and the first stage of digestion begins, firing up the digestive tract.

As you eat and digest breakfast, peristalsis in the colon starts moving through yesterday’s breakfast, lunch & dinner, which will be sitting at varying stages of your digestive system like little trains at the station patiently waiting to move on. The peristaltic movement of the colon moves the contents of the colon along through the ascending, transverse &  descending sections of the colon, then eventually the first little train arrives at your sigmoid colon, where it patiently awaits to be eliminated as your next bowel movement.

After you have had your first BM for the day and you start to digest your next meal, let’s say its lunch…. the whole process starts again and ideally another little train should arrive at the station to await elimination a short time after lunchtime, and again after eating your evening meal.

So in a nutshell, ideally we should be aiming to have a full BM in the morning shortly after rising and then smaller BM’s throughout the day as we  digest our meals for the day and the meals of the previous day are moved through the digestive tract.

During a Colon hydrotherapy session, when warm water is filtered into the rectum, such an action naturally stimulates the colon into a peristaltic action to eliminate waste. 

A colon hydrotherapy session will consist of many small “fills and releases”, particularly with an open system such as the system we use, the Angel of Water. The Angel of water is a gravity fed system, so the water flow is very gentle and can be continuous throughout your session, allowing you to have a greater number of fills and releases and therefore “exercising” the colon, its like a little personal  training session for your colon.

Having regular colonics is an excellent way of exercising and strengthening the colon. When the peristaltic motion is strengthened it can in turn enhance transit time & frequency of BMs…. Happy days!

So now is the time to ask yourself, what’s your number???

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